For many years growers have bantered that we had a secret to growing our plants so large and so quickly. As we said then and are still saying, it is just understanding the plants and providing the correct conditions. However, after years of growing and experimenting we now have a product we call ESF that we find amazing for Nepenthes. Not only does ESF improve growth rates dramatically and unlike other nutrients and fertilisers we have tried, ESF maintains pitcher colour while increasing size! We have had success in using ESF both in our coir chip based media as well as our pure Sphagnum moss media. We recommend using ESF as a top dress in the coir based media but placed just under the surface if growing in pure Sphagnum as some bleaching may occur. ESF is a slow release nutrient which will last 3 – 6 months depending on temperature and moisture. We have also had success using ESF on Heliamphora.

We advise the following rate for Nepenthes sp., Heliamphora sp. and their hybrids but stress that this product be only applied when conditions are favorable and your plants are in active growth (i.e. bright light, correct moisture, high humidity and the correct temperatures for your plants). This rate is a guide and we would recommend trialing it first as all situations vary.
Countries outside of Australia, please check with your importing authorities if you are unsure if this product can be imported into your country. It is a non-organic product.

Rate : 4 grams of ESF per litre of media.