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WHOLESALE SALES: Not Available at this time

We have various species and some of our spectacular hybrids available in wholesale quantities and prices at times. However, as these are produced from seed they are limited to what we have flower at the time. Therefore they are all individual clones. If however you are after spectacular plants for resale at a great price, please see our pot plant varietes below.


This is our new pot plant range of Nepenthes. These plants have been trialled and tested as pot plants for their colour, hardiness and ease of growth. They will grow well in a wide range of conditions. If you are after new products for your wholesale range to supply as pot plants to your customers, look no further. 

These are for you!    

At this time, the minimum for the first order for these is 500 plugs. This is to introduce growers to our products. These may be ex-stock depending on what we have available, otherwise they will have to be produced. Subsequent orders are then to be pre-ordered and are a minimum of 1000 plugs. Please contact us for pricing. Plug(liner) size is shown below. The average leaf span is 10cm(4") in 5cm(2") plugs.


Nepenthes 5cm plugs sample