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To order from our price lists, please follow the instructions detailed below.
1(a). Within Australia (except WA. Please see below under delivery costs):- Please use our online ordering system.  Minimum order of $100 (plant value). Prices quoted do not include GST.

1(b). Countries outside Australia (except when using our agents) :- Please use our online ordering system or use an Excel spreadsheet set out in the following format. Quantity, species/hybrid name, size, unit price, total price.
Minimum $AU1000 (plant value).
Ensure that you check with your country's Agricultural Department and/or Customs Department for any import permits or details you may require and inform us of these.
We will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to misinformation with regards to your country's import requirements.

*NB*   *Please note that by placing an order for quotation you must be ready to take delivery of your plants within a reasonable time frame.
We will not to hold the quoted plants any longer than is needed for us to prepare and send them, which is usually 2-3 weeks unless arrangements, as detailed below, are made.
We will hold orders for a time period of up to 1 month after the quotation date if requested, which will incur a holding fee of 10% of the plant total of the order which will be charged immediately and is non-refundable. 
If payment is not received within 7 days from the quotation date, the order will be cancelled and the plants sold on.


CHINA:- Please contact Fang Lei  on 718620510@qq.com
JAPAN:- No import permit is required. However Shinya Yamada may be contacted if you would like to him to help you import your plants. His contact email is greengrass.ohara@gmail.com
MALAYSIA:- Please contact Bakar Fauzi at Four Z E Plants on fauzi_4zeplant@yahoo.com

THAILAND:- Arnont Gowitwarangkul can be contacted if you would like him to help you import.
                     His email is  tropicpitchers@yahoo.com

VIET NAM :- Please contact 
 Jacky Chiêm on chiemnguyenanhvu@gmail.com
USA :- Ryan Georgia at Native Exotics on native.exotics@gmail.com 
          Dominick Gravine at Redleaf Exotics on info@redleafexotics.com

OTHER COUNTRIES:- Please check with the appropriate authorities in your country.

We will organise all Phyto-sanitary certificates and CITES permits to accompany your order.

2. We will then send you a quote detailing shipping and associated costs and any changes.
3. Confirm your quote and make payment.                                                                                                                                                          
4. On receipt of payment, we will send your plants as quickly as possible, usually 2-3 weeks(Overseas orders can take a bit longer depending on when we can book in the Phyto-sanitary inspection, if required).
5. Payment can be made by Credit card, EFT or Telegraphic Transfer( allow $25 bank fee). Please contact us for our Bank details.
6. If possible please list substitutes, when ordering.

A minimum of $20 per order for delivery via regular post. This usually covers most orders. If Express Post is required please inquire.
Orders to Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory require a DPI inspection which is approximately an additional $250 per order. 
Orders $250 and over posted free.

Phyto-sanitary certificate(if needed) $280 per order. This is the cost we are charged by the Australian Department of Agriculture.
Please check with your Agriculture Dept. or Customs regarding any import permits you may require.
All plants shipped overseas are sent by EMS (express post) post at the receiver's expense.
The cost of this is calculated on the weight of the shipment and will be given at the time of the quotation.
If another method of shipping is required, please advise.                            
N.B. We do our best to ensure your order arrives at it's destination as soon as possible after leaving us and in good condition.
However we do not accept responsibility for plant losses or damage due to delays caused by Customs, Public Holidays, unpredicted adverse weather etc. in the country of destination.
Therefore, we recommend if you do not have your plants in 3-5 days from notification of dispatch by us, you phone your appropriate government or postal department and inquire as to the delay. 
We guarantee the quality and health of our plants.
However in the case of any conjecture arising from your order where compensation is requested, we require photographic evidence and/or a detailed scientific report(s) from a competent independent organisation.



Large plant example

1. Nepenthes plants listed as LARGE are generally seedlings grown on. These are mature plants (with pitchers)!

2. Nepenthes plants listed as ROOTED CUTTINGS(rcs) are established plants produced from cuttings from our own select stock plants.
The cutting plants are a minimum of 6 months old and may or may not have pitchers when sold.

Small size plant example

3. Nepenthes plants listed as SMALL can vary in size but are usually a minimum of 10cm(4") in diameter and are propagated from seed or tissue-culture.

A lot of the hybrids pictured on our site are examples of the progeny from the batch of seedlings from the cross and the plant pictured is one of many possible clones.
Unless you specify a particular clone, we will pick what we think is best of the available clones.
As the specific clones, pictured, become mature enough to propagate by cuttings or if we can tissue culture these specific clones, we can then offer the ones pictured.