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Specimen Plants for sale
Specimen Plants Below are photos of one off outstanding plants. The price an. . .

N. robcantleyi: A natural hybrid
Technical Refereed Contribution        &nb. . .

Nepenthes nebularum description
As published in the: Carnivorous Plant Newsletter Volume 45 December 2016&n. . .

Borneo Trip 2009 Part II
Borneo Trip Part II - Mt.Trusmadi and Mesilau (Mt.Kinabalu) Mt.Trusmadi - a very dif. . .

Borneo Trip - 2009
Borneo Trip - August 2009In August 2009 fellow Nepenthes enthusiasts,  Richard N. . .

Nepenthes:'Bizarre and Beautiful'
Nepenthes, both bizarre and beautiful. While not like a beautiful flower or stunning . . .

EP peristome collection
Welcome to the exciting page of photos of some of the  Nepenthes plants grown . . .

New Nepenthes: Nepenthes izumeae
While visiting our nursery recently, I asked Charles Clarke his opinion on a pla. . .

The Australian Nepenthes Discovery of the Century Â….. In August of 2001 I was for. . .

Why Grow Hybrids?
              &nbs. . .

Nepenthes sibuyanensis in cultivation
Nepenthes sibuyanensis is a recent introduction into cultivation from Sibuyan. . .

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