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Specimen Plants for sale

Specimen Plants

Below are photos of one off outstanding plants.
The price and size are listed below each plant. These are not necessarily mature yet, however the potential of each of them is obvious. 
*NB*. (1) There is only one of each and the photo is a pitcher from the plant you will receive. 
          (2) Some of the listings are ex-stock plants that may have a large rootball which may add to the postage costs.
          (3) Some of the plants that are too long will have their stems cut if they have base shoots or curled around so as to to fit them into the packing boxes. If we have to cut the stem we will also send this so you can propagate it.

To buy these please email us or your country's distributor with the number(s) listed beside the plant(s) you would like and we will add it to your order. Thank you.                                                                                                         

NB* Abbreviations: bosch = boschiana, ephip = ephippiata, gland = glandulifera, LxV = lowii x veitchii-H/L, LVB = (lowii x veitchii) x boschiana,

max = maxima, merri = merrilliana, nth = northiana, platy = platychila, raff = rafflesiana, sib = sibuyanensis, 

sibxTM = sibuyanensis x xtrusmadiensis, spath = spathulata, spec = spectabilis, SLRV = [(stenophylla x lowii) x (Rokko x veitchii)], sum = sumatrana, 

thor = thorelii, trunc = truncata, veit = veitchii-H/L, VMV = (veitchii x maxima) x veitchii) vent = ventricosa, 

VSL = [ventricosa x (spathulata x lowii)], vxTM = ventricosa x xtrusmadiensis, 

sqt = squat, 2p-3p etc. = no. of plants in pot,  trunc (c) = giant-striped x giant striped, trunc (d) - red flush, trunc (e) = red x red


 12.(ventxTM) x trunc L $80                  21.vent x insignis-Biak L $80             

   23.trunc x mira L $80                       66.spath x (trunc xTM) L $100                    86. vent x insignis L $80              

89.(vent x sib) x [(VSL) x TM] L $100   106.(LVB) x burb L $80                    119.max'x' x (sibxtrunc) $60              144. vent x ephip L $80                                                           

 156.(VxS) x [(VSL) x TM] L 2p $80     179. max-dark x lowii L $80              


 208.[(Rok'Ex' x bosch) x (lowxmerri)  209.[(Rok'Ex' x bosch) x (lowxmerri)   231.(lowxbosch) x veit L $80              268.max-dk x (Rokxhurrel) $80  
                        L $80                                               L 2p $120                                                                                    


276.bosch x (northxveit) L $80            277.max'x' x (spathxlowii) L $80      281.(LVB) x (campxmerri) L $60            284. trunc x (caruncxmerri) L $60

297.max'x' x (spathxlowii) L $80          







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