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Nepenthes sibuyanensis in cultivation

 N.sibuyanensis N.sibuyanensis-upper pitcher

Nepenthes sibuyanensis is a recent introduction into cultivation from Sibuyan Island in the Philippines. It has been noted from the collectors of this species, that there were no upper pitchers found and that they were not produced. It was also noticed that the lower pitchers were not produced out of the moss covering. In this context, the photos shown here are firsts and they disprove the original statements/theories.

N.sibuyanensis is very similar to N.ventricosa and N.burkei and grows well in similar highland conditions. The leaves and flowers are tougher compared to these other similar species but the pitchers have a similar texture, although much larger.

We have flowered both male and female plants of this species and have produced several hybrids that should prove outstanding and very sought after. They include plants such as N.sibuyanensis x truncata, N.sibuyanensis x talangensis and N.sibuyanesis x xTrusmardiensis.


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